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  • Serving organizations and commercial trade since 1984

    For 700 years, Akershus Castle has provided  protection to Oslo, which is a  metropolis in international shipping  and  transport business. From under its walls, the SeaLift Head Office  monitors freight  operations  to the Balkans, Central Asia and the Far East. Our experienced operators are perhaps handling your shipments to Africa right now!

    SeaLift  stays tuned to shifting world requirements, still maintaining the good "old" service.

    We wish YOU on board!

  • Our customers

    We are dependant on our customers' success. We put a lot of emphasis in taking care of existing clients. We believe that if we partner with the right clients, our business will grow with these customers as good reputation will support us in obtaining new partners.

  • Competency and experience

    With more than 20 years experience SeaLift  is the only Norwegian freight forwarder who has specialized in providing transportation and logistic services to complex emergency operations within the international humanitarian environment.

    Our extended knowledge in shipping to developing countries allows us to offer a first class service that saves both time and money.

    Our unique experience has been important when attracting commercial businesses.

    Our focus areas are:

                                         - Credibility and accountability
                                         - Dedicated and personal quality service around the clock
                                         - Flexible, innovative and process orientated problem solving
                                         - Response time - Cargo care - No delays.

  • Partners

    SeaLift has established long term cooperation and alliances with the most effective, economical and quality minded service providers operating in the various trades and geographical areas.

    The selection of air, sea and surface transport companies, other international freight forwarders and brokers are of utmost importance in order to successfully get the cargo from manufacturer or warehouse until it rests at final place of destination, damage free and within the expected time - and cost frames.

    Through SeaLift's membership in NOREPS (The Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System),
    SeaLift is providing transport solutions to NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations), GO (Governmental Organizations) and manufacturers of emergency and relief goods, either through their own projects, or on behalf of United Nations organizations (World Food Programme, UNICEF etc.).

    With NOREPS, SeaLift is participating in achieving greater coherence between actors involved in disaster response and management. The objectives are to improve in planning and execution of emergency operations and strengthened partnership and policy in response to natural disasters and environmental emergencies. 


    You choose US when response time, transit and credibility counts.

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