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Projects and Consultancy

Sealift manages and takes the responsibility for arranging complex logistical operations both in Africa and in South-East Asia. In Uganda, Laos and Burma Sealift has planned and executed, together with subcontractors of road, rail and others, full transportation services from port of discharge to final sites. 

Sealift was the first Norwegian forwarder to qualify for the ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate (1993) concerning international project transports. Besides operating locally in Europe, we are experienced in handling heavy and long length cargoes in Africa, Asia and Americas.

Sealift provides transport services (air, sea and surface) to Norwegian manufacturers of equipment to the process industry, oil & gas and the maritime shipbuilding industry. We arrange complex transports of heavy lifts and out-of-gauge cargoes.

Sealift offers consultancy services within warehouse, transportation and logistical services.  

Sealift arranges all export and import formalities.

With 20 years experience dealing with transportation services where response time, accountability and accuracy are the critical success factors, you can trust Sealift to take care of your documentation and customs clearance and formalities.  

Sealift offers versatile and innovative consultancy services for planning and execution of transport processes - preparation of documentation and customs requirements - preparation and engineering required cargo and stowage requirements pre-transport, freight and shipping discharge and post transportation. 

Sealift has experienced, dedicated and innovative subcontractors, partners and agents in Asia, Africa and Europe who can follow up and execute local logistical, warehouse, document  formality activities on the operational level .

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