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June Will be advised. To follow.

May Pre-carriage, Liner Ocean transportation, customs, documentation and insurance formalities.
Total 300 tons. Shelter a/c UNICEF from Norway to Mombasa, Kenya in transit to Somalia.

April Aircraft Charter Antonov 12. Mombasa, Kenya to El Fasher, Sudan. African Union Darfur
Mission in Sudan ( AMIS ).


Aircraft charter from Nanjing, China, Mombasa, Kenya and Billund, Denmark to El Fasher,
Sudan. Various general cargoes totalling 85 tons/200 m3. Type of aircraft chartered
Antonov 12 and Boing 707. AMIS

February Aircraft charter from Oslo to Beira, Mozambique. Total 518 collies, 24 tons/130 m3.
Type of aircraft Iljusjin 76.


Air transportation. Total 21 tons. Emergency health cargo from various European
manufactures to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. WHO.



November Scheduled flight transportation of emergency field equipment totally 50 tons/150 m3 from
Amsterdam to Abidjan, Cote D`Ivoire and Harare, Zimbabwe. Total arrangement of
logistics operation from European manufacturers to final destination.

October Chartering of aircraft AT298 from Gardermoen, Norway to Washington, USA. Commercial general cargo,total 106 tons.

September Passenger flight charter 67 pax from Warsaw, Poland to Moscow, Russia.

August 2 x Aircraft charter. Emergency humanitarian cargo totally 50 tons from Billund, Denmark and
Oslo, Norway to Larnaca, Cyprus for forwarding to Beirut, Lebanon. UNHCR and WHO.

July Aircraft charter from Oslo, Norway to Mazar El Sharif, Afghanistan. 2 trips loading totally
30 tons on Antonov 12.
July Scheduled air transportation of emergency field equipment totaling 40 tons from Amsterdam,
the Netherlands to Tel Aviv, Israel. Total logistics operation from European manufacturers for
forwarding to Gaza, Palestine.

May Liner sea transportation of humanitarian rolling cargo totally 40 tons from Verdal, Norway via
Durban, South Africa to Mombasa, Kenya.

May Scheduled air transportation from Oslo, Norway to N`Djamena, Niger. Totally 8 tons of
humanitarian aid cargo.

May  Liner sea transportation of rolling humanitarian project cargo from Scandinavian delivery points
via European continental port to Mombasa, Kenya. Totally 290 tons.
May  Passenger aircraft charter - 30 pax from Kirkenes, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard,
on an Antonov 74.

April Scheduled flight transportation of emergency field equipment totaling 15 tons from Norwegian
manufacturer to Kampala, Uganda.

April Sea transportation of humanitarian general cargo, tot. 45 tons from Shanghai, China to
Mombasa, Kenya.African Union (AU). Mission in Sudan ( AMIS).

February Liner sea transportation. Humanitarian rolling project cargo from Norway to Mombasa, Kenya.
Totaling 1.300 tons.

January Liner ocean transportation of humanitarian field equipment from Norway and Denmark to
Medan, Sumatra Indonesia. Totaling 400 tons.

January Chartering of aircraft Iljusjin 76. Transportation of rolling and general cargo totaling 275 tons
to Islamabad, Pakistan. Humanitarian Aid cargo to the Pakistan earthquake.



December Pre-transportation, ocean liner and RORO/barge chartering of vessels from Norway via
Singapore to Banda Ache, Indonesia. Totaling 1.750 freight tons of humanitarian aid
and rolling cargo.

August Ship chartering and forwarding activities from Verdal, Norway to Niamey, Niger via
Cotonou, Benin. M/V “Kaduna“ - Humanitarian aid cargo, rolling cargo and field equipment
totaling 1.790 m3.

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