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Chartering of Cargo aircrafts - Air Forwarding Services

"The air is free for everybody" - we were told. For those engaged in air traffic, success is dependant upon good airmanship. You would certainly not allow someone without it to lift yourself or your cargo, whatever they say!

By choosing SeaLift, you choose good airmanship and expert
handling of your cargo!

network of suppliers includes brokers and airlines which have proven reliable and efficient through many years of cooperation. High professional standards made Sealift a principal supplier of emergency transports to the recent years number of international disasters. Our commercial customers benefit from our experience. 


SeaLift will arrange for your air cargo from China to Frankfurt, from Budapest to El Fasher or from Norway to Rio. You don't have to be with the cargo - your client will receive your own produced documents only.


SeaLift was the first to load an Antonov 124 (maximum load 135 tons) in Norway as a result of a cooperation between Alcatel, ourselves and the Antonov Institute in Kiev. Since then, this aircraft has been extensively utilized for emergencies and general flights.  


You will be surprised to learn how far we will go to satisfy YOU!

Do you want to know more about cargo aircrafts? Feel free to contact us!

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